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I Basic principles for Users of the Regional Public Library in Krakow

1. The services rendered by the Library are free of charge and publicly accessible, however subject to certain exceptions laid down in these Rules and Regulations.


 2. To become the User of the Library it is necessary to:

  • read the Rules and Regulations of the Regional Public Library in Krakow,
  • show a document with a photography confirming the identity,
  • fill in the library form as well as undertake to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Library by affixing your signature on the form.

Such a form is available in the Users Registration Room, in Arteteka or you may find it on the Library’s website.


 3. In case of children and young adults under 18, the parents or legal guardians are responsible for them and have to sign the application form on their behalf.


 4. The User of the Library is obliged to inform the Library in case of:

  • library card loss (the Library shall collect a fee in the amount

of PLN 6 for re-issuing of the library card),

  • surname change,
  • address change.



 1. The Library collection is available in a form of:

  • individual borrowing of materials outside the Regional Public Library in Krakow
  • borrowing of any materials within the premises of the Library - in the reading-rooms


2. The User of the Library may borrow simultaneously:

  • in the Main Lending Library as well as in the Music Lending Library and Lab - up to 5 copies of any materials,
  • in the Young Adults’ Lending Library and Lab – primary school students at the age no less than 13, secondary school students, teachers, lecturers of teacher education fields of studies as well as teacher education students – up to 5 copies of materials; other Users – 3 copies of materials,
  • in Arteteka – up to 3 copies of any materials and one e-reader (any User who borrows e-reader has to submit an identification card and to sign the declaration),
  • in the Children’s Lending Library and Lab, in the IT Books Lending Library and Lab as well as in the Art Library – up to 3 copies of materials.
  • in the Foreign Languages Lending Library and Reading Room – up to 4 copies of materials.


3. Any films, audio CDs and cassettes from the Music Lending Library and Lab and Arteteka, any magazines and attached to them CDs from the IT Books Lending Library and Lab as well as e-readers from Arteteka shall be borrowed for the period not exceeding 14 days; any other materials for the period not exceeding 31 days.


4. Not returning of the materials on time shall result in a fee in the amount of PLN 0.35 per one material for each day of delay, save for e-readers for which the fee shall amount to PLN 5 per each day. In case of sending any reminder letters, the User shall incur the postal charge in the amount of  PLN 3.8.


5. The deadline for returning of the borrowed materials may be prolonged three times, provided that the borrowed item has not been earlier reserved by any other User of the Library, save for e-books and magazines from the IT Books Lending Library and Lab which cannot be prolonged. Each extension shall modify the deadline of the materials returning by the period appropriate for borrowing of the individual library materials.


6. In the event of loss, destruction or damaged of any library material, the User shall be obliged to deliver the same or other material as set out by the Library or to pay the equivalent in the amount indicated by the Library.


7. In order to use the library collection available in the Library, the User shall:

  • show a librarian a valid library card,
  • inform a librarian on any own materials brought to the reading-room.


8. Any material that are not publicly available shall be delivered by a librarian.


9. In the Library the User may also use:

  • computer workstations and mobile devices being at the disposal of the Library,
  • a piano (the User can use it within one hour and such a period may be extended, provided that there are not any persons who intend to use the piano),
  • PlayStation (the User can use it within two hours and such a period may be extended, provided that there are not any persons who intend to use such a PlayStation),
  • any board games (upon a prior notification of a librarian).




The Library shall collect the following fees for:

  • not returning on time any borrowed materials from the Library,
  • sending a reminder letter - the equivalent of the postal charge,
  • re-issuing of the library card,
  • making any computer prints,
  • scanning any materials,
  • providing a search query as well as any bibliographical sets,
  • making photocopies of any materials.



1. If anybody:

  • is under influence of the alcohol and behaves inappropriately,
  • does not show respect for the rules of social interaction as well as disturbs any other Users,

such a person may be requested to leave the Library premises by a librarian.


2. Within the Library premises it is strictly forbidden to:

  • eat or bring any open alcohol beverages as well as to use any narcotic drugs,
  • use roller-skates, rollerblades, scooters as well as to ride a bike,
  • smoke tobacco or any electronic cigarettes.


3. Any complaints, reclamations and petitions shall be submitted in writing in the Library’s office. The full text of the Rules and Regulations of the Regional Public Library in Krakow (in Polish language) you can find on the following website:


The above-mentioned text constitutes the extract from the Rules and Regulations of the Regional Public Library in Krakow.

























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